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My work - some examples

Companies and individuals withheld to maintain absolute confidentiality

Executive 1:1 Coaching

  • Coached senior executive with a new role, team and a challenging, complex agenda resulting in a significant improvement in his leadership rating in the company and exceeding delivery targets.

  • Coached senior executive to make the most out of taking charge of a strategic leadership role during a time of significant personal and business change resulting in improved team engagement, influence and effectiveness as a leader of change.

  • Coached Director, accountable for delivering a multiple acquisition strategy resulting in an improved process for achieving results through effective integration.

Executive Team Coaching

  • Coached executive team of global services organisation to enhance leadership alignment to support major change resulting in improved pace and performance of change and enhanced team working.

  • Coached executive team in ways of working to support delivery of a stretching business agenda resulting in greater focus on the strategic agenda and measurable improvements in how they work as a team.

Change Mentoring

  • Mentored two executives in creating a communication plan for change in the practical tools, techniques, skills resulting in increased capability and confidence in developing a plan themselves.

  • Mentored a newly appointed change manager in the tools/techniques/skills in implementing change resulting in greater personal impact and confidence in dealing with previously challenging situations.

What clients have said

‘Stimulating & challenging’

‘Showed great commitment to me’

‘Enabled me to generate excellent insights’

‘Really changed my mindset’

‘Has really helped me make a good start in my new job’

‘Gave us a structured process for reviewing the way we work as a team’

‘Very supportive, paced well, gave us time to explore issues’

‘Engaged well with the team’

‘Coaching has led to a measurable improvement in leadership’

‘Engages well with the whole person‘